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New York 2018 ISPA Congress - Tim Ries
New York 2018 ISPA Congress
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PERFORMANCE | Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

Tim Ries and the Universal Spirits EnsembleTim Ries

Saxophonist, composer, arranger, producer & educator Tim Ries has spent many years wanting to form an ensemble of creative artists from around the globe to create social change in local communities, to develop and foster ambassadors for peace. The ensemble is called Universal Spirits. Tim has partnered with The Alliance For Peacebuilding and Partners Global in DC and the Berklee School of Music in Boston. 


Universal Spirits brings together musicians from different cultural, ethnic and national backgrounds to compose, record and tour together to unite communities through music.  Embodying the ideals of tolerance and inclusion, Universal Spirits will communicate to a wider audience through music: “We can work together; we can understand each other; we can appreciate our differences; we can connect on a human level.” Universal Spirits tours will offer opportunities for deep community engagement and educational tie-ins so that the beauty of the shared musical experience can translate to meaningful social transformation. 


We will capture and share not only the music created by Universal Spirits, but the process of working together to create music through openness and diversity. This process will then be encapsulated, disseminated and mentored throughout a network of music schools, so that future artists and leaders in the creative industry understand their potential as peacebuilders. In addition, we will create a Universal Spirits platform through diverse multi-media channels to foster partnerships between musicians, creatives, local peacebuilders and their audiences.

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