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A Man’s Requiem (Pitch Project)
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Profile Pages
Last updated: 9/22/2017
A Man’s Requiem (Pitch Project)
Pitch Project
Project Contact Information
  Seop Dance
  Yong Chul Kim
Project Information
  Yong Chul Kim
  A Man’s Requiem physically conjures and infuses images of the Buddhist theme – when a sinner dies he must be judged before the king of the underworld, through the use of powerful and primary emotions.
People end up in different hells depending on the sins they committed in this world and people need to stand before a mirror, known as the “man’s requiem”, placed in front of the king of the underworld and confess all their sins. The mirror reflects all the sins that people committed.
The judgment is fair and strict since the man’s requiem shows all scenes transcending time and space, with no room to hide even the pettiest sins. This work expresses the world of Buddhist enlightenment, symbolizing the spiritual culture of the East, through bold and primary creative Korean dance. Along with this, it combines dynamic play and theatrical elements to suggest ways to maximize the image of creative Korean dance by expanding the movements of Eastern body languages.
  There are three versions of this work: 30 minutes (6 dancers), 45 minutes (12 dancers), or approximately 67 minutes (15 dancers and intermission)
  6 - 15 Performers
  The World Festival of National Theaters in Korea (Main Hae Hall)
  $40,000 USD + Travel & Accommodation expenses for a one week residency.  Maximum 4 performance days per week + 1 setup day
  Seoul 2012 ISPA Congress
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