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Keep It It It…In the Closet (Pitch Project)
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Profile Pages
Last updated: 9/22/2017
Keep It It It…In the Closet (Pitch Project)
Pitch Project
Project Contact Information
  Theatre Group Kaleidoscope
  I-Hyang Dong
Project Information
  Theatre Group Kaleidoscope
  This piece was motivated by the chain reaction suicide of the ORANGE TELECOM in France. The chain reaction of suicide is linked with human cloning, this is the modern human beings’ characteristic that could be deleted by the Cntrl + Alt + Delete sequence. A son clones repeatedly his father who kills himself and the father who doesn't know he was cloned lives a life with strange and unfamiliar feelings. It represents our losing our sense of daily life to survive in an excessive competitive system. We are able to materialize some strange and unfamiliar senses in the theatre and a keen sense of 'here and now'. The show consists of actors and a narrator, while the movement of sound and lighting extend the ambiguous and unconscious gestures of daily life. The works’ daily life-like nightmares and illusions are linked by the motives of the suicide and clones.
  95 minutes
  7 Performers
  National Theater of Seoul
  $56,900 USD per one week show (includes air charge, stock terms and set-up fee)
  Seoul 2012 ISPA Congress
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