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Tale of Samulnori (Pitch Project)
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Last updated: 9/22/2017
Tale of Samulnori (Pitch Project)
Pitch Project
Project Contact Information
  AsiaNow and Legs On The Wall
  Kyu Choi
  Creative Producer at AsiaNow
Project Information
  AsiaNow and Legs On The Wall. The music was composed by Simon Barker with the band Daorum (Bae Il Dong), and Directed by Patrick Nolan.
  Music, Theater
  Korean and Australian artists combine Korean and Australian traditions in both performance and music to tell the story of a peaceful land sent into turmoil by the arrival of a massive dark cloud of pollution. The curse can only be broken if the leader sends his four children to the corners of the earth in search of the precious musical instruments held by the guardians there. Among many risks and challenges, the children must learn to embody the sound of the instrument they seek before their quest can succeed and the people can once again live without fear.

Tale of Samulnori will appeal to a broad family audience, combining extraordinary physicality, digital imagery and rich, accessible music. It will be storytelling that is full of heart, virtuosic physicality and a dynamic energy borne out of the two different cultures that have come together to produce it.
  70 minutes (no intermission)
  5 Performers and 4 Musicians
  Sydney, Australia (Sydney Theatre or Carriage Work, TBC)
  Workshop and residency of this production will be started in October 2012. Performance fee TBD.
  Seoul 2012 ISPA Congress
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