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Yi Mae Mang Ryang (Pitch Project)
Profile Pages
Profile Pages
Last updated: 9/22/2017
Yi Mae Mang Ryang (Pitch Project)
Pitch Project
Project Contact Information
  Lee Hae Kyung and ISUM Dance Company
  Hae Kyung Lee
  Artistic Director & Choreographer
Project Information
  Choreographed by Ms. Hae Kyung Lee.
  Dance, Theater
  Yi Mae Mang Ryang means “All fairies (spirits) that dwell in nature“. The beauty of nature is a crucial element in Korean culture. Lee Hae Kyung & ISUM Dance Company focuses on this element.

ISUM will portray a gathering of Yi Mae Mang Ryang. As the subject matter pertains to spirits, it could seem as a ritual; rather it is a portrayal of fairies playing.

Organized into three parts, the first is about wood fairies’ anger, sadness, and sympathy. The second part represents the calm and relaxation of the flower fairies, and the joy and excitement of the rock fairies. In the final and most distinct scene of this work, they cure their scars that have been hurt by the ignorance of modern humans.

This work enlightens us about nature, as we might be unfamiliar with it. This is because we, the modern humans living in the gray life covered by concrete and cement, have forgotten the importance of nature. The obvious fact here is that we always long for it.
  35 minutes (no intermission)
  8 performers
  The National Theater of Korea - Small Hall ‘Dal’
  Approximately $40,000 USD including performers’ fees, set up, staging, etc.
  Seoul 2012 ISPA Congress
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