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Timboctou (Pitch Project)
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Profile Pages
Last updated: 9/22/2017
Timboctou (Pitch Project)
Pitch Project
Project Contact Information
  Cultura UDG
  Igor Lozada Rivera Melo
Project Information
  Written by Alejandro Ricaño and directed by Martin Acosta
  Contemporary Tragedy
  Timboctou in Spanish slang, works like the adjective which describes a place far away: “As far as Timboctou…”

In this case Timboctou is paradoxically presented as a very close place to the reality that Mexico is going through with drug trafficking and the unconditional buyer and consumer, the neighboring country, the United States.

Mexico’s current drug-trafficking context can go beyond the limits that we once thought remote, a network so wide and dense that many people live underneath it without even noticing it.
Timboctou is a window through which we can see the different links that form the narcotics traffic chain of corruption and death; one where we can glimpse absurdity of the violence that swallows the daily lives of millions of people.

A government employee, drivers, foreign consumers and more characters that just where in the wrong place at the wrong time… in Timboctou.
  75 minutes (no intermission)
  10 performers
  12,000 USD plus travel, accommodations, per diem, and local transportation. Can be adjusted according to the number of performances
  US and international presenters.
  New York 2013 ISPA Congress
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