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The Mangrove Tales (Cuentos de la Mangleria) (Pitch Project)
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Profile Pages
Last updated: 9/22/2017
The Mangrove Tales (Cuentos de la Mangleria) (Pitch Project)
Pitch Project
Project Contact Information
The Mangrove Tales (Cuentos de la Mangleria) (Pitch Project)
Cra 3A no 30-10 Ap 108 Ed San Diego I
La Macarena
57 1 283 6035 (Phone)
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  La Quinta del Lobo, Sankofa & retroViSOR
  Carmen Gil Vrolijk
  Audiovisual Direction & Video Artist
Project Information
  La Quinta del Lobo & retroViSOR featuring Sankofa: Carmen Gil Vrolijk, Camilo Giraldo Ángel, Rafael Palacios, Leyla Castillo, Ricardo Gallo and Juan David Castaño.
  Dance , Music , Visual Arts
  Contemporary (vertical/aerial, site-reactive)
  In "Mangrove Tales" (the name given to the collection of stories and popular literature transmitted through oral tradition, especially in the South Pacific), the motivation of the creative team lies in the interest in investigating memory that refuses to disappear, re-read their myths, legends, dances and music, creating a new production wherein video, interactivity and the set of light and shadows, create luxurious, mutant and dynamic landscapes and scenarios, that allows us to visualize these stories, while generating a reflection on the present as well.
The Pacific is a region with complex dynamics, with flows and movements of de-territorialization, conflicts over land, water, timber and mineral wealth which become poverty for the people, that's when appears the critique of a society that, at a given moment, turns is back destroying everything in its path towards an imaginary progress.
  90 minutes (with intermission)
  12 dancers, 9 musicians, 1 video artist
  8,000 to 10,000 USD
  Commissioners and national and international touring opportunities
  Bogotá 2014 ISPA Congress
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