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The Guest (Pitch Project)
Profile Pages
Profile Pages
Last updated: 9/22/2017
The Guest (Pitch Project)
Pitch Project
Project Contact Information
The Guest (Pitch Project)
Uranienborg Terrasse 9
351  Norway
 [ Map ]
45 22560269 (Phone)
  Zero Visibility Corp. with Akropoditi Dance Centre, O Espaço de Tempo, and Dansearena Nord/Dansens Hus
  Lene Bang
  International Relations Manager, Zero Visibility Corp.
Project Information
  Ina Christel Johannessen (Choreographer), Chrisander Brun (Light design), Morten Pettersen (Sound design), Demdike Stare, Le Trio Joubran (Music), Ina Christel Johannessen (Visual concept), Dancers: Line Tørmoen, Pia Elton Hammer, Mate Meszaros, Jon Filip Fahlstrøm, Dimitri Jourde, Merete Hersvik, Antero Hein, Valtteri Raekallio, Edhem Jesenkovic, Yaniv Cohen, Camilla Spidsøe, and Cecilie Lindeman Steen
  The Guest explores the ambiguous border between hospitality and hostility. How do we treat those that have just joined our community? A short story by the French writer Albert Camus partly inspires a choreographer who is as capable of charming audiences with her art as she is at making them squirm uncomfortably in their seats. Her choreography, one hundred percent physical and full of both energy and poetry, explores opposites that are constantly changing. In this piece, she invites the audience to sit all around the stage to witness at close hand relationships that the performers establish amongst themselves and to see how these ties affect their ability to make choices.
  80 minutes (no intermission)
  10-12 performers
  January 2015
  Dansens Hus, Oslo, Norway
  42,000 USD per week (including travel days) multiple performances and residency activities, plus travel and accommodation.
  International touring 2016 – 2018 and collaborators.
  Malmö/Copenhagen 2015 ISPA Congress
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