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Registration Troubleshooting Tips

Which error message do you see?

Error 1) Registration Not Permitted

Solution: Be sure to sign in to your Primary or Affiliate account

You might get this error message probably because you are signed with your Organization Member Account (master account level) instead of Primary or Affiliate Account (sub-account level). Please follow the steps demonstrated in this quick video tutorial on how to navigate to the appropriate account.

Error 2) Sign-in Required

Solution: Sign in to your existing account or, if you don't have an account, create one

For ISPA Members
If you have not set up a Primary/Affiliate account yet, follow the instructions here and add a Primary/Affiliate account to your Organization Member account.

For Employees at Member OrganizationsYou must setup an "Employee of a Member Organization” user account in order to register. Alternatively, your colleague that holds a Primary/Affiliate account may register you on your behalf through their account.

If you have a user account, sign in by using the "Sign In" box located to the right.

For Non-members
If you would like to attend the Congress as a non-member, you must setup a "Non-member” user account in order to register for the Congress. 


Contact Ann Pattan at or 1 212 206 8490 x202.

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