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Nube Sandoval | Speaker
 Bogotá 2014 ISPA Congress

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Nube Sandoval, Speaker (Session 7) at the Bogotá 2014 ISPA Congress, April 7-12, 2014, What the Arts Move. View the full Schedule of Events.

Nube Sandoval | Speaker
Centro de Investigaciones Teatrales Zenit

Actress and founder of Teatro Cenit - Theatrical Research Center – in Bogotá. This research center carries out research on the acting craft, theatrical experimentation in unconventional spaces and the use of masks. Nube has participated in other works of the Cenit group at various festivals in Colombia, Peru, United States, Cape Verde, Portugal, Spain and Italy. She is the director of the Italian Council for Refugees - CIR in Rome since 2005; this is a theater project for psychosocial rehabilitation for refugees who have been victims of torture. She creates and directs several plays in the laboratory. This experience won her the 1st prize at the International Biennale of Theatre and Psychiatry, Padua, Italy. She is currently a Professor in the Master’s program of Social Theatre and Drama Therapy of the Department of Arts and Sciences at the University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy.

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