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Fellowship Participants - Chiara Organtini

2018 FELLOWSHIP Participants

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Meet ISPA's 2018 Global Fellowship Program participant Chiara Organtini!

Chiara Organtini


Curator, Terni International Performing Arts Festival

Chiara Organtini is an Italian curator and project creator passionate about art and public space: from site specific outdoor interventions, digital experiments or participatory works that question traditional genres and the boundary of spectatorship.

Since 2009 she is part of indisciplinarte, a creative enterprise engaged in artistic processes and territorial development: conceiving art as a trigger for change, they manage CAOS Centro Arti Opificio Siri, a 6,000 square meters multidisciplinary hub born on the ashes of a former factory in the post-industrial city of Terni. Following the same idea of creativity as change generator, she is co-curating Terni International Performing Arts Festival, an interdisciplinary festival born in close connection with the city transition: beyond a showcase, it is a creative common environment for artists, audiences and curators to develop ideas together and enact thoughts.

For her focus on participatory practices and engagement she is part of the network Citizenslab and has contributed to the ReCcord action research project with Aarhus University and to ADESTE european project on audience development. For her passion for the digital world, she is investigating the possible the bridge within arts and technology within Museomix global community and the GIFT project.

She holds a MA from La Sapienza University in Rome and attended EFA Atelier for Young Festival Managers in Edinburgh: In her background theories on performing arts and neuroscience are intertwine with art management and curation principles

ISPA: Chiara, what are the three adjectives that describe you? 
Quirky, ironic, fierce.
ISPA: What’s your favorite city in the world?
Reykjavík, where the opposite merge: darkness and light blur, borders turn into horizons. It is a space for sublime, pure inspiration also to reposition yourself as human being in a powerful picture. Besides it is tiny and vibrant, overloaded with culture, creativity and epically contemporary! you can really feel the magma boiling under your feet which makes you mercurial.. 

How fancy! Reykjavík is ISPA's congress destination for 2021

How stay up-to-date with news about the arts and culture in your region? Can you name a few channels that you subscribe to?

Chiara: I have a daily pit stop at the super useful to check out opportunities around mobility and grants and I am also loyal to a Facebook group, named Le club des opportunités. My food for thoughts is also or and but in general I am pretty omnivorous and I tend to read cross-industry stuff to enrich my vision of what art is or can be!
ISPA: Is there anything in particular that you would like the ISPA colleagues and friends to know about you or your work?

I invite everyone to discover how arts organizations like Terni International Performing Arts Festival and CAOS - Centro arti opificio siri are transforming post-industrial city of Terni in Italy; from a village of tree houses to cardboard monument, we are really challenging the role of arts within social transformation and it is so interesting to explore what is possible out of the radar, in a not cultural place. I feel this is also relevant thinking about our next ISPA congress, Off the Beaten Track.

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