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Fellowship Participants

2016 FELLOWSHIP Participants

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Meet ISPA's 2016 Middle East & Northern Africa Fellowship Program participant Anas Nahleh!

Anas NahlehAnas Nahleh


Co-founder, Studio 8

Anas belongs to Jordan's very first generation of street dancers. He started to practice dance in the streets of Amman without any training, guidance or support. Anas’ artistic mission is to encourage street dancers to self-identify as artists, to blur boundaries between art forms, and to bring the performing arts to the wider Jordanian public. 

His interest in the creative process of dance making eventually led him to co-found his own dance studio, Studio 8, in 2014.   

Anas currently manages Studio 8, a dance studio that is also a platform to support independent artists and alternative art projects in Jordan. Studio 8 furthers cultural exchange, enhances domestic creative capacity, and brings art to non-specialized audiences in Jordan. Studio 8 has held more than 30 workshops of different dance styles, one third of which were instructed by international choreographers. Anas' artistic forms include breakdancing, puppeteering, on stage art installations, kinetic art, fire spinning, cyr wheel, experimental music, and unconventional theatrical costume design. He has also produced and directed short dance films.

We asked Anas to tell us a bit about himself and anything that he would like to share with the ISPA family. Check-out what he had to say:

ISPA would like to thank the British Council for their support of this important regional initiative.

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