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Fellowship Participants
2015 FELLOWSHIP Participants 

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Meet ISPA's 2015 Global Fellowship Program participant Brendan Walsh! 

Brendan Walsh

Founder and Owner, BRENDING

Brendan Jan Walsh (1979) is a classical music mutineer.

As a musician Brendan felt the urge to do more than just perform on stage. He wanted to be part of a cultural revolution, finding new ways to link the arts to the world, so he temporarily sold his artistic soul and was accepted for a MSc at an elite business school, ESCP Europe. He consciously gathered professional experience in corporate world with the aim of linking it back to the cultural sector.

Brendan claims to have no job, but lots of work as a cellist, conductor, classical-music-DJ, lecturer, presenter, producer and strategic consultant. He is founder and owner of the cultural company BRENDING, connecting the Arts to Business and Consumers. He is also artistic director of the Classical Music Rave: a party where the visitors dance all night to - indeed - classical music.

Let’s make the world more beautiful!

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