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Leeuwarden-Friesland 2018 ISPA Congress - Fun Hour
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Sign up for Fun Hour!

Rise and shine! The ISPA Fun hour offers four activities you can choose from: Cycling, a Boat Tour, Yoga, and a Frisian Language course. Go Off the beaten track and start your day with some Frisian adventure! Sign up now to secure your spot.

Thursday at 08:45 – 09:45 AM

Meeting Point: De Harmonie
Ruiterskwartier 4, 8911 BP Leeuwarden, Netherlands 

Fun Hour Activity Options

Tired of walking? Experience the city of Leeuwarden a bit faster and ride a bike! Follow the guide and see all beauty of Leeuwarden in just one hour. This is a great way to pretend you are Dutch since everyone in The Netherlands rides a bike. ISPA celebs tried it out for you!

Boat tour
Leeuwarden is the European Capital of Water Technology, so an activity with water should not be missed during your ISPA experience. A historic flat boat will be waiting for you next to the congress venue De Harmonie. Hop on and sail the Leeuwarden canals. Our guide will share stories of the rich history of the city while you see it from a different perspective.

What greater way to start a day than with a little exercise? Our professional yoga teacher will help you with breathing techniques, meditation, and yoga exercises during this 45min workshop. If the weather is nice, we will go outside and practice yoga in the beautiful Prinsentuin – the former garden of the royals. Just wear loose clothing, other materials will be provided.

Learn to speak Frisian 

When in Friesland, do as the Frisians do. Frisian is the second official language of The Netherlands, and the Frisians are proud of it. The Frisian language has quite a few similarities with the old English language, so you might have a head start if English is your mother tongue! If you would like to learn how to greet people, how to count or how to do your groceries in Frisian, come to De Harmonie during the Fun Hour for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Grutte Pier – the Frisian William Wallace – is credited with coming up with a tongue twister test for Frisians: “Buter brea en griene tsiis, wa’t dat net size kin is gjin oprjochte Fries.” (Butter, bread and green cheese: if you can’t say that, you’re not a real Frisian). Pier was a guerilla fighter who led an armed band of pirates, called Arumer Zwarte Hoop, against the Habsburgs after his village was ransacked and his wife was killed. It was truly the “Braveheart” story of the Netherlands. After seizing 11 ships belonging to the province of Holland and defeating hundreds of Hollanders in the Frisian city of Hindelopen in 1518, the language test was used to detect whether the captured troops were Frisian, Lower German or Hollanders. The phrase is still used by Frisians today to amuse themselves at the expense of anyone who doesn’t speak their unique language.

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