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Gry Worre Hallberg | Speaker
Malmö/Copenhagen 2015 ISPA Congress

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SESSION VIII | Bridging: Participation and Empowerment

Gry Worre Hallberg Gry Worre Hallberg | Speaker



Gry Worre Hallberg operates in the intersection of performance art, research, activism and educational development continuously executed in 1:1 co-created experiments such as Sisters Academy, Dome of Visions, and In100Y. She is behind the vision and movement Sensuous society and for many years she has aimed at enriching environments with an aesthetic dimension through interventionist, interactive and immersive performance art strategies. Gry is the co-founder of a range of organizations and movements within the field of performance art applied in a series of different everyday-life contexts, among them Sisters Hope (ongoing project: Sisters Academy), House of Futures, Fiction Pimps, Club de la Faye, Staging Transitions and The Poetic Revolution. She holds an external lectureship in Performance Design at Roskilde University. Sisters Academy: / /

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