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Henrik Hartmann | Speaker
Malmö/Copenhagen 2015 ISPA Congress

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SESSION VIII | Bridging: Participation and Empowerment

Henrik Hartmann Henrik Hartmann | Speaker

Managing Director
The Betty Nansen Theatre

Henrik Hartmann is the managing director of The Betty Nansen Theatre, one of Copenhagen’s leading dramatic theatres. Betty Nansen theatre produces eight annual shows, seating 500 at the main theatre and some 300 at the annex stage, as well as touring in Denmark and internationally. In 2004 Hartmann founded the C:NTACT Foundation which is the largest theatre for youths in Denmark. C:NTACT employs 5-6 people and offers a series of projects for young people of various cultural and social backgrounds. C:NTACT works in Denmark and internationally on building bridges and mutual understanding between various segments in society.

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