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Mikael Löfgren | Speaker
Malmö/Copenhagen 2015 ISPA Congress

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SESSION V | Bridging: Economies

Mikael Löfgren | Speaker


Mikael Löfgren is a writer and activist, cultural critic and lecturer. He has previously worked as editor at the daily Dagens Nyheter, the cultural magazine Ord & Bild, and at Swedish Television. Mikael has also worked as a university teacher in Cultural Studies and as dramaturge at Unga Klara theatre, Stockholm. He is currently teaching at Kulturverkstan, a vocational training programme for international cultural managers. Mikael has published books on various topics: postmodernism, football, Ship to Gaza, the labour market, the global justice movement, digitisation and copyright. His most recent publication is No exceptions. The creation of value in small and mid-sized galleries of contemporary art. He has five children and lives on an island outside Gothenburg.

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