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Lina Thomsgård | Speaker
Malmö/Copenhagen 2015 ISPA Congress

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SESSION IX | Bridging: Equality

Lina Thomsgård Lina Thomsgård | Speaker

Equalisters, Skapelsen

During her nearly 16 years in the public relations and media industry and with a background in the music industry stretching back almost two decades, Lina Thomsgard has worked for many years to promote equality and diversity in a number of different ways. She does this primarily through concrete initiatives in social media, and five years ago she also started the Rättviseförmedlingen (Fair Recruitment) organisation. The media climate has certainly changed in Sweden these days as a result of her efforts. She has also run campaigns that promote women in films (#Amärkt – Approved Bechdel Test), which have been praised and talked about around the world. Lina’s method of working is to spread knowledge in a way that encourages people to listen, and which helps people join together to bring about change. Lina is currently running Skapelsen (The Creation), a project that promotes diversity and equality in the music industry, on behalf of SKAP (The Swedish Society of Songwriters, Composers & Authors).

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