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Marika B. Lagercrantz | Keynote Speaker
Malmö/Copenhagen 2015 ISPA Congress

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Marika B. LagercrantzMarika B. Lagercrantz | Keynote Speaker

Actor and Director, Sweden

The actor Marika B Lagercrantz’s career started in Malmö in the early 1970s with, among other things, an interest in the Polish director Grotowski’s "Physical Theatre" cooperation with theatres in Denmark and Poland in particular. She grew up as the daughter of the famous writer and cultural journalist Olof Lagercrantz, and thus came into contact with culture and the world of theatre at an early stage. She started with children's theatre at the age of six. Marika eventually moved to Stockholm, where she met US actor Chris Torch, who had experience from Living Theatre, and together they formed the Earth Circus theatre collective in 1977. The Earth Circus group toured in Europe and also in the USA for 10 years, during which time Maria B Lagercrantz was both a director and a writer. Under the artistic direction of Marika, Earth Circus won several international awards in both Sweden and Europe.

She then continued as a freelance director and actor on the big stages, mainly in Sweden and the Nordic countries. She also had major film and television roles, such as in Blueprint (1992), Dreaming of Rita (1993), All things fair (1995) and Emma – åklagare (Emma – prosecutor) (1997). During the 2000s, she was seen as characters such as Cecilia Vanger in the film adaptation of Stieg Larsson's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009).

In 1993, Marika won the Chaplin magazine’s award for her combative female roles. In conjunction with the ceremony, comparisons were made between Marika and Ingrid Bergman, as they both have a straightforward and natural way of addressing the camera.

Between 2011 and 2014, Lagercrantz was a cultural affairs representative at the Swedish Embassy in Berlin where she, among other things, received an award for the best promotional initiative together with her colleagues in 2013.
Marika is often asked to hold lectures in the public sector as well as in business circles, in Sweden and internationally, about the topics on which there will be a focus at the 2015 ISPA Congress - Visions for the Future: Building Bridges. We are very happy that Marika will be introducing the Congress in the keynote address.

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