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New York 2015 ISPA Congress - Call for Regional Updates
New York 2015 ISPA Congress



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Instituted in 2013, five-minute regional updates from ISPA members have become a popular congress tradition. Taking advantage of the global representation of delegates at ISPA congresses, regional updates provide a short and insightful overview of what important changes are shaping our industry in select corners of the globe

Call for Regional Updates

ISPA is accepting submissions for the New York 2015 Congress regarding what regions congress delegates should learn about this January. Submissions should include the region of interest, and a presenter from that region. Suggestions of delegates that you know will be attending the congress will be given priority. Feel free to nominate yourself and your own region!

Five minute regional update presentations may address (but are not limited to) the following questions:

  1. When you reflect on 2014, what is the most important thing that happened in your country in the arts this year?
  2. What current significant challenges/issues is the performing arts industry facing in your region?
  3. Looking to the years ahead, do you see any significant partnerships with other countries or regions developing?
  4. Is there anything in particular you want to update the membership about with regards to the performing arts in your country?

Submit your regional update suggestions by Friday, November 21st for consideration.

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