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New York 2016 ISPA Congress - Congress How-to Webinar
New York 2016 ISPA Congress



Congress How-To Webinar

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ISPA Tools for a Successful Congress

ISPA's Manager of Membership and Events Ann Pattan covers an introduction of the Online Delegate Community - a dynamic list of Congress delegates including contact information, profile pictures, and ways to build a "Favorites" list for making contact before and after the Congress. This webinar will help you get well-equipped to take your Congress experience to the next level. View the webinar recording (members-only)  

Performance! Getting the Most of Your ISPA Congress Experience

To help you get the most out of your time in New York, we have gathered a group of veteran ISPA leaders to share their experiences and insights through our first members-only webinar.

View the webinar recording (members-only)  


The live webinar covers:

  • your pre-congress “to do” list,
  • what to expect at the Congress (there are some new events and some changes for this year!),
  • how to start a conversation, and
  • strategies for following up with new contacts (and old friends) afterwards

We’ll also touch on how to make the most of not just your Congress experience, but your visit to New York City. Every moment counts! No matter if this is your first Congress or your 91st, there’s always the opportunity to get your next great idea (and contact)!


Your computer! All you need is an internet connection and speakers.


Moderator | Dani Fecko

Founder, Fascinator Management
Former ISPA Fellow

View Dani Fecko's member profile.

Introduction by | David Baile

CEO, International Society for the Performing Arts

View David Baile's profile

Panelist | Tim Brinkman

Director, G Live
97th ISPA Congress, Committee Co-Chair

View Tim Brinkman's member profile

Panelist | Åsa Edgren

CEO/Director, Loco World

View Åsa Edgren's member profile

Panelist | Shoshana Polanco

International Producer, La Teatreria
97th ISPA Congress, Committee Co-Chair

View Shoshana Polanco's member profile

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