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Wrocław 2013 ISPA Congress
WROCŁAW 2013 ISPA Congress


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The Next Chapter

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During the last 25 years Poland and the region of Central and Eastern Europe experienced significant changes in social, economic and political aspects of life. Throughout, artists have played a key role in the process of change. Over 300 delegates from 46 countries came together to take a closer look through their eyes into the performing arts scene of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Strona w  języku polskim

How has the change in the political systems influenced artists and their creative process? What are the current challenges in the arts in the region? What is the future of arts in the region? Has the process of democracy influenced the cooperation in the region at all? What are the new facilities in the region? How important is the role of cities in the process of economic and spiritual development of the region? During the four days of the congress, the delegates reflected on all of these questions.

The 27th June Congress, The Next Chapter, took place in Wrocław, Poland on June 17-22, 2013.

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