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ABOUT Wrocław, Poland


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About Wrocław, Poland

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Wrocław is a large undiscovered gem of a city in southwestern Poland in the historic region of Silesia. It boasts fascinating architecture, many rivers and bridges, and a lively and metropolitan cultural scene. The downtown core of the city is car free and the many market squares are packed with cafes and restaurants. The population is approaching one million (including 200,000 university students).

Wrocław has an interesting history as it has gone back and forth from nation states over the course of its history. Prior to the Second World War, Wrocław (Breslau in German) was the capital of the German province of Prussian Lower Silesia. It returned to Poland when, after the War, the Soviets moved the German/Polish border westward to the Oder/Neisse Line. Wrocław was almost completely destroyed during the end of the War. However, it has been wonderfully restored and can now be counted amongst the highlights of Poland and of all Central Europe. As Poland rushes headlong into further integration with the rest of Europe, now is the time to visit before the tourist hordes (and high prices) arrive!

Fast Facts

Weather (June)

Average High = 22.8 C (73.0 F)
Average Low = 14.4 C (57.9 F)

Currency : Polish Zloty (PLN)

1 USD = roughly 3 PLN
1 Euro = roughly 4 PLN
1 AUD = roughly 3 PLN

Travel times to nearby cities:

Berlin | 1:00 hr
Copenhagen | 1:15 hrs
Munich | 1:20 hrs
Frankfurt | 1:30 hrs
Warsaw | 1:00 hr

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