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Lost in Complete (Pitch Project)
Profile Pages
Profile Pages
Last updated: 9/22/2017
Lost in Complete (Pitch Project)
Pitch Project
Project Contact Information
Lost in Complete (Pitch Project)
LM Ericssons Väg 26
126 26  Sweden
 [ Map ]
46 73 3241114 (Phone)
  Complete Dance Crew
  Åsa Edgren
  Director & Founder, Loco World
Project Information
  Complete Dance Crew Choreographers/Dancers (Daniel Dahlman, Daniel Koivunen, Dawid Bienkowski, Edin Jusuframic, Joao Assuncao, Mario Perez Amigo, Robin Tumpum Peters); Mario Perez (Music and Sound Design)
  Hip Hop
  Seven dancers, seven choreographers, seven artistic directors who all share one common goal; to move the senses and touch the minds and hearts of their audiences. Lost in Complete premiered at the Festival Mercé in Barcelona in 2014 and was then performed out doors for thousands of people. It is a poetic, energetic and humorous performance that has reached critical acclaim for being highly innovative. It speaks the soul of street and has the feel of the internet generation. The dancers have been praised for exceptional technical brilliance and unusual charm. Their first big stage production in 2013 sold out three full houses at Dansens Hus in Stockholm and was followed up by a sold-out tour.
  40 minutes (no intermission)
  7 dancers
  September, 2015
  Festival Mercé, Barcelona
  5,000 USD
  International touring possibilities; help with contacts that ISPA members might connect us to; advice on where they believe our work would fit.
  Malmö/Copenhagen 2015 ISPA Congress
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