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The Journey (Pitch Project)
Profile Pages
Profile Pages
Last updated: 9/22/2017
The Journey (Pitch Project)
Pitch Project
Project Contact Information
The Journey (Pitch Project)
Kanalgatan 30, Kristianstad
291 34  Sweden
 [ Map ]
46 709 20 58 11 (Phone)
  Musik i Syd and Soundstreams
  Andreas Baur
  Producer, Musik i Syd
Project Information
  Pimooteewin: Melissa Hui (Composer), Tomson Highway (Librettist), Michael Greyeyes (Director and Choreographer); Gállábártnit: Britta Byström (Composer), Rawdna Carita Eira (Librettist), Michael Greyeyes (Director and Choreographer)
  Canada, Sweden
  The Journey is a double-bill, two one-act operas rooted in Aboriginal mythology: Pimooteewin, a Cree-language opera from the Canadian prairies; and Gállábártnit, a Sami-language opera inspired by far northern Nordic legends. The operas are written for narrator, vocal soloists, chamber choir, chamber ensemble and actors/dancers with surtitles and multi-lingual narration. Both operas are cross-cultural collaborations among aboriginal and non-aboriginal artists and companies with participation from Canada, Sweden, and Norway. The operas are inspired by quintessential Aboriginal legends of life and death, treated with humor and dignity in a profound celebration of life on this earth.
  120 minutes (one intermission)
  30 performers
  October, 2017
  Studio Acusticum, Piteå, Sweden
  25,000 USD per week (8 performances plus travel/accommodation)
  Co-producers and co-presenters.
  Malmö/Copenhagen 2015 ISPA Congress
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