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Backbone (Pitch Project)
Profile Pages
Profile Pages
Last updated: 9/22/2017
Backbone (Pitch Project)
Pitch Project
Project Contact Information
Backbone (Pitch Project)
401 Richmond Street West
Suite 420
M5V 3A5  Canada
 [ Map ]
1 (416) 697 9950 (Phone)
  Red Sky Performance/The Banff Centre
  Sandra Laronde
  Artistic Director, Red Sky Performance
Project Information
  Concept/Director/Co-Choreographer: Sandra Laronde (Artistic Director, Red Sky); Co-Choreographers: Thomas Fonua (Associate Artist, Red Sky), Jera Wolfe (Associate Artist, Red Sky)
  Backbone is a cutting-edge new dance and live music creation inspired by the 'spine' of continents. Featuring 8 dancers from Canada, New Zealand and China, Backbone combines contemporary Indigenous dance with athleticism to express its power, formation and spirit. The idea that there is a 'spine' to our continents is an Indigenous concept. It reveals our way of perceiving land as sentient, alive and intact. Red Sky explores the 'backbone' of continents and how these rocky mountainous spines have life, circuity, electricity and impulses - much like a human spine. Backbone shows how those mountains have emerged from two million years worth of restlessness. Raw, ferocious, and magnificent.
  60 minutes (no intermission)
  August 27, 2015
  The Banff Centre, Alberta, Canada
  25,000 USD + accommodation, per diem and ground transportation
  Touring partners, residencies, cultural exchanges
  Melbourne 2016 ISPA Congress
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