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International Citation of Merit 2014
International Citation of MERIT
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Octavio Arbelaez | 2014 International Citation of Merit Recipient

Octavio Arbelaez will receive the 2014 Distinguished Artist Award at the Bogotá 2014 ISPA Congress, What the Arts Move. View other ISPA Award winners.

Octavio Arbelaez Tobon is a lawyer with postgraduate studies in Philosophy and Cultural Marketing and a PhD Candidate in design and creation of the University of Caldas.

He waas Dean of the Faculty of Arts of the new National University of Caldas , Director of the International Theater Festival of Manizales , Director of Arts of the Ministry of Culture of Colombia and National Programme Coordinator and UNDP consultant in the area of culture and technologies.

He participated in the creation and management of the Network of Cultural Promoters of Latin America and the Caribbean, the Cultural Market Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, the Market Puerta de la Américas in Mexico , the Cultural Market Bogotá , the World Cultural Forum of Sao Paulo 2004 and 2006 Rio de Janeiro and the Cultural Exchange project -Medellin Barcelona.

He was a member of the boards of IFACCA (International Federation of art Councils and Culture Agencies) and the International Network for Cultural Diversity (Canada), the advisory board of the Iberoamerican Theater Festival of Cadiz ( Spain ). It was business manager at OC Cultural Marketing and Vania Productions (Colombia - Spain ) Director of Culture and Development Forum for the IDB meeting in Medellin 2009 and Executive producer of the III Iberoamerican Congress of Culture.

He published specialized texts on performing arts and cultural marketing , and also wrote for Spanish and Latinamerican magazines. The most relevant are the ones about studies on the value chain of the performing arts in Bogota, and the cultural component of the ten-year plan for cultural tourism in Medellin .

He has spoken at numerous conferences and academic meetings, national and international seminars on Cultural Management , Cultural Policy , Cultural Marketing , Economy of Culture , Cultural Industries and Cultural Networks .

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