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Rolf Abderhalden | Speaker
 Bogotá 2014 ISPA Congress

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Rolf Abderhalden, Speaker (Session 3) at the Bogotá 2014 ISPA Congress, April 7-12, 2014, What the Arts Move. View the full Schedule of Events.

Rolf Abderhalden | Speaker
Mapa Teatro

Transdisciplinary artist. Abderhalden completed undergraduate studies in Therapy Art at the School of Higher Social and Pedagogical Studies at Lausanne, Switzerland, as well as theater studies at the Jacques Lecoq International Theater School, and Scenography at the LEM Movement Laboratory of Studies in Paris. He holds a Master of Visual Arts at the Universidad Nacional of Colombia, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Aesthetics, Science, Technology and the Arts at the University of Paris 8. Abderhalden is the Manager of the Interdisciplinary Master’s Program in Theatre and Live Arts at the Universidad Nacional of Colombia.

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