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Baldomero Anaya | Speaker
 Bogotá 2014 ISPA Congress

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Baldomero Anaya, Speaker (Session 9) at the Bogotá 2014 ISPA Congress, April 7-12, 2014, What the Arts Move. View the full Schedule of Events.

Baldomero Anaya | Speaker
Demobilized due to Colombian Conflict as part of the reintegration process from the Colombian Agency for Reintegration

Baldomero Anaya Córdoba comes from a family of guitarists and composers. His grandfather was the first person ever to record Vallenato music in Colombia. Baldomero is a composer and guitarist. He has composed nearly 50 songs, 12 of which have been recorded by renowned artist in the country’s Caribbean and central regions. Baldomero has frequently won the title of King of the unreleased song and as a professional guitarist in various festivals in the region; in 2003 he won the title of King of the unreleased song in the Township of Chivolo, in the Vida Sentimiento y Folklore Festival. In 2004 he won first place as part of the Escala Caribe trio in Codazzi, Cesar – Vallenato Music and Guitar Festival. In 2013, at the Festival de Tenerife, Anaya won the unreleased song prize at the Sentimiento Provinciano Festival. As a guitarist, he has performed in various groups. He is currently a composer, guitarist and backup singer of the Vallenato Group Código Diez, as well as accompanying singer Jairo Garcia and accordion player Jasir Salgado, who are part of a Vallenato group in Chivolo, Magdalena.

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