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ISPA Logos & Branding

LOGOs and Branding

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Logos and Branding


These branding guidelines will help you determine the best way to use our logo. For access to high-resolution logos, please contact Minji Kim at or 1 212 206 8490 x205.

ISPA logo comes in two variations.

Use whenever possible. The standard logo should be used on print or web-based materials.
ISPA Standard Logo
Vertical Lockup
Use this only in marketing with limited space. The compact logo can be used on photos and merchandise, such as bags and water bottles.
ISPA logo - Vertical Lockup

Logo colors:

Our primary color and used most often
Logo Colors - Default
Used on darker backgrounds
Logo Colors - on darker backgroundLogo Colors - on darker background

Spacing considerations:

A protected clear space designates the absolute minimum zone in which no other graphic element (text, line, shapes, images box etc.) may appear. It also indicates how close the logo can be to the edge of a page.
Logo spacing instructionsLogo spacing instructions
Minimum Size:
Logo - Minimum Size

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