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Melbourne 2016 ISPA Congress - Performance | Ghostly Machines
Melbourne 2016 ISPA Congress

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PERFORMANCE | Wednesday, June 1, 2016 

Ghostly Machines

Created and presented by Arts Centre Melbourne

In many performance spaces, large and complex machinery plays a variety of roles in enhancing the audience experience, including determining what is technically possible to create on the stage. Ghostly Machines looks at what would happen if these machines starred in their own show and the venue itself became the performance. A combination of mechanical ballet, kinetic art and sound design, Ghostly Machines is a visual and sonic experience designed to engage audiences.

By the performance’s crescendo, the “machines” have taken over – generating sound and controlling samples through movement and operation with projections onto and above the stage, and stage systems lit with the use of haze and smoke. This “other world” of Hamer Hall becomes a mysterious and enchanting place. Created by the highly skilled people who work behind the scenes at Arts Centre Melbourne, Ghostly Machines is an imaginatively visual masterpiece where the theatrical machinery they work with every day is made to appear and behave in totally unexpected ways.

Creative Team 

  • Automation: Rob Jannke, Sean Vournazos
  • Lighting: Trent Barclay
  • Projection: Alison Murphy
  • Sound: Marcus Cook
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