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Melbourne 2016 ISPA Congress - Performance | William Yang
Melbourne 2016 ISPA Congress

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PERFORMANCE | Wednesday, June 1, 2016 

William Yang

Blood Links

Blood Links is an intriguing blend of storytelling, social history, performance and documentary photography exploring the identity of renowned Australian artist William Yang. Through Blood Links William traces his family, who migrated from China to Australia over a hundred years ago. 


With humour and irony, this visual history of one migrant family takes us around the world and back again. Hauntingly familiar in content, this family story of identity, birth, traditions, skeletons, death, love and cuisine has been acclaimed across the globe. 

William Yang is one of Australia’s most celebrated independent photographers and performers. Born William Young in North Queensland in 1943, he changed his name to William Yang in 1983. His first solo exhibition in 1977, Sydneyphiles, caused a sensation with its frank depiction of the Sydney gay scene. In the mid-80s, William began to explore his Chinese heritage, lost to him by his complete assimilation into the Australian way of life. 
In 1989 he began his career in performance theatre, performing monologues with slide projection. William has created and performed 11 full length monologues in all, including Sadness, Blood Links, Friends of Dorothy, My Generation, Objects For Meditation, Shadows, China, I Am A Camera and The Story Only I Can Tell, touring each piece nationally and internationally 

In addition to his famed monologues, William Yang has presented over 20 individual photographic exhibitions across Asia, Australia, Europe and North America.  

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