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New York 2017 ISPA Congress - Speaker Kirsten Dehlholm
New York 2017 ISPA Congress

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Session 1 | Tides of Change
Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Kirsten Dehlholm | Speaker

Hotel Pro Forma (Denmark)

Artistic Director

Kirsten Dehlholm (1945) holds a special position in the Danish and the international arts world. With a background in visual arts, her legacy of art works drawing from a multitude of artistic fields, including the performing arts, is truly impressive. 

From 1977 Kirsten Dehlholm was artistic director of Billedstofteater (Theatre of Image Material) before she founded Hotel Pro Forma in 1985. As artistic director of Hotel Pro Forma, Kirsten Dehlholm has developed her own, unique language based on a synthesis of her strong sense of visual arts with performance and music. Among her principal works are Operation: Orfeo, War Sum Up, and the recent production NeoArctic. In recent years Kirsten Dehlholm has taken on the role as opera stage director, lately with engagements at Teatr Wielki Poznan, Poland (Wagner's Parsifal), and La Monnaie de Munt in Brussels, Belgium (Rachmaninov Troika, Puccini´s Madama Butterfly). 

Kirsten Dehlholm is recepient of ISPA’s Distinguished Artist Award 2015. 

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