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New York 2018 ISPA Congress - Alberta Arthurs
New York 2018 ISPA Congress
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Alberta Arthurs

Session 5 | Generational Divides: In Transition
Thursday, January 11th, 2018

Alberta Arthurs | Speaker

NEXT - Transition Advisors (United States)


Alberta Arthurs is a consultant and commentator active in the fields of culture, philanthropy and higher education. She was the Director for Arts and Humanities at the Rockefeller Foundation most recently and – before that – was President and Professor of English at Chatham College (now Chatham University) in Pittsburgh. She had served previously in Deanships and as Instructor in English at Harvard/Radcliffe, and had held administrative positions and taught English and American literature at Rutgers University and at Tufts University. Arthurs has served on numerous non-profit boards and advisory committees, and on corporate boards. Her engagement with non-profit cultural and educational concerns, her consultancies and her project building have been both national and international. Recently, Arthurs organized NEXT –Transition Advisors, a team of colleagues well experienced in management and governance who consult on issues of transition in non-profits. Arthurs was educated at Wellesley College and holds the PhD from Bryn Mawr College in English Literature. She writes and speaks often on contemporary culture and its challenges.

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