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New York 2018 ISPA Congress - Merindah Donnelly
New York 2018 ISPA Congress
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Merindah Donnelly

Regional Update | First Nations
Thursday, January 11th, 2018

Merindah Donnelly Presenter

BlakDance (Australia)

Executive Producer

Merindah Donnelly is a Koori woman based in Meanjin (Brisbane), Queensland, Australia. She has worked in First Nations market development for almost decade, specialising in generative and systemic transformation. During this time, she has collaboratively developed research, design and strategy to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and companies to cultivate new markets nationally and internationally. Merindah has worked for the Australia Council for the Arts and the Australian Performing Arts Market, she has been an ISPA global fellow, collaboratively led a number of major national sector gatherings and is the Executive Producer of BlakDance

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