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Strategic Position


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Strategic Plan 2017- 2021

ISPA's Strategic Position was developed over the course of five years and was approved by ISPA's Board of Directors in June 2013. The information below is intended to:

  1. Serve as a statement of identity and values as expressed by the ISPA membership through surveys and feedback;
  2. To provide a helpful framework for ISPA committees;
  3. To act as a compass for guiding ISPA's growth and development priorities in the years ahead.


We Are

The International Society for the Performing Arts (ISPA) is a global association of arts management leaders, who come together with the shared goal of strengthening and developing the arts internationally. We achieve this by building leadership ability, by recognizing and discussing field-wide trends and new developments, and by deepening global exchange through the arts.  

We Value

ISPA thrives with membership at the right scale to maximize opportunities for rewarding person to person contact, and we will manage ISPA’s membership numbers to maintain the optimum organizational size for that kind of personal contact.  

International diversity is essential to ISPA’s success as a global leader in the performing arts community. ISPA’s diverse and inclusive membership allows the organization to achieve its mission effectively across many different cultures, creeds and communities. ISPA welcomes members from every region of the world - accepted on the basis of being actual or emerging leaders in our profession.  

ISPA continually offers all its members access to new ideas and fresh global perspectives. In recent years ISPA has also developed programmes of professional development and learning specifically for younger and emerging leaders, and the process of offering support targeted at tomorrow’s leaders is an important expression of ISPA’s professional development function. ISPA is fundamentally concerned to support the development of exceptional leadership internationally throughout the performing arts.   

ISPA values involvement in its work from all cultures and regions of the globe, and we strive to make global participation in ISPA viable, logistically and financially. ISPA’s core operating language and the language of its congresses is English, but we sometimes provide simultaneous translation for congress sessions, either: (a) where there is a significant number of delegates not experienced enough in English to gain value from an English-only congress, and/or, (b) to enable congresses to hear from significant speakers who are themselves not fluent or confident in English.

We Will

The defining characteristic of ISPA is the way it values and actively promotes professionally and personally rewarding connections between its members. We accomplish this through professional congresses held throughout the world; professional development programs, resource sharing and online exchange. Reflecting its core values, ISPA’s primary goals over the coming 5 years are to:

  1. Represent and support a greater diversity of leadership in the international performing arts community;
  2. Expand our learning and professional development opportunities for both established and emerging leaders;
  3. Develop additional opportunities for fostering communication and exchange.
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