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Strategic Plan 2017-2021


Greetings from the CEO
Strategic Plan 2017-2021
Statement of Values
Board of Directors
65th Anniversary
Organizational Effectiveness

Members of ISPA:

We are proud to share with the membership and the public, ISPA’s Strategic Plan. Adopted by the Board of Directors at its meeting in Montréal on May 24, 2017, the plan has been developed jointly by the board, staff and with the input of the members, past and current.

Building on the Strategic Position Paper developed in 2013 and the Statement of Values adopted in 2016, the Strategic Plan outlines a vision for the organization stretching into 2021 and beyond. Far from a static document, this plan will be operationalized over the coming four years and revisited regularly with updates as may be required.

Nor should you, the membership, consider your involvement complete. It is important for us all to revisit it regularly to ensure that it continues to reflect our shared values and goals.  Please reach out to me with any comments you choose to share.


David Baile
| Chief Executive Officer


Executive Summary

The genesis of this plan began in 2013 with the adoption of a Strategic Position – a one page overview outlining a statement of purpose, values and broad objectives. From this premise came the identification of need to more clearly articulate a mission, vision, values and key goals to be realized over a specified time frame.

The mission of the International Society for the Performing Arts (ISPA) is to strengthen the performing arts globally through the advancement of leadership, the exchange of ideas and by fostering a diverse and engaged membership.

We seek to achieve this mission through three key strategic aims:

  • Encouraging and Extending Participation
  • Facilitating Learning, Capacity Building and Professional Development
  • Extending Communication, Information and Values

ISPA has three primary tools or opportunities to achieve its mission:
The membership itself, the annual congresses held in New York and annually in a different regions of the world, and though other programs and activities designed to advance the performing arts globally.

Our priorities over the course of the next four years include:

  • Extending participation in the membership and activity in accordance with ISPA’s
    values of equity, diversity and inclusion
  • Increasing accessibility by minimizing barriers (e.g. financial, linguistic, cultural)
  • Enabling all members to develop themselves professionally and personally
    regardless of career stage
  • Developing ISPA’s role as a global thought leader in the cultural sector

ISPA is committed to delivering its mission within a context of financial stability and managed growth.

 Download the Strategic Plan (pdf)

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