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Why Support the Challenge Campaign?

Why Support the Campaign?

Fellowship Challenge Campaign


Why Support the Campaign?

Thanks to Our Supporters

Interested in contributing to ISPA's annual Fellowship Challenge Campaign? Hear directly from current campaign donors and graduates of the ISPA's Fellowship Programs about the impact of your gift.

ISPA's Fellowship Challenge Campaign was established to support ISPA's Fellowship Program. As a donor, you directly invest in remarkable emerging and mid-career arts leaders, strengthening the ISPA network and the future of the performing arts field.

"ISPA Fellows have brought to our Congresses a new positive energy and dynamism with their refreshing perspectives and experiences. These future leaders from around the world, with their openness and professional curiosity, have elevated the level of interaction and engagement amongst diverse members. So much sharing and learning has been catalysed and new friendships formed. In all my years as an ISPA member I have never witnessed such a transformation till the introduction of the ISPA Fellows programme. That is why I support the challenge fund. It is building an ISPA for the future.”

– Benson Puah | Campaign Donor | Chief Executive Officer, The Esplanade Co Ltd | Singapore

"Friends can never be bought and as a Zimbabwean saying goes, you cannot wash off family like dirt on your hands. Such are the feelings I have developed for the Global Fellowship Program and ISPA as a whole. Through continued support from the different benefactors, the program reached out to me and I have been able to add considerable and sometimes intangible value and appreciation of my talents, skills, community and the responsibilities I have towards my people. Supporting this program earns one this long winded title I have coined: custodian of global arts practice, development, cultural preservation and activism towards a much more tolerant and caring world.” 

– Butshilo Nleya | 2014 & 2015 Global Fellow | Born to Life Cultural Trust | Zimbabwe


"Supporting the ISPA Global Fellowship program is the easiest decision for me to make each year, as it is truly the gift I can make that I know will yield a tangible result for both the individual fellows and for our field.  Without the Fellowship program, we would not be enjoying the diversity of voices, experiences and cultural backgrounds that the fellows have provided to our Congresses for the last eight years.  I urge all ISPA members to support the program in any way they can to help engage and enrich the future leaders in our field.”  

– Janice Price | Campaign Donor | Chief Executive Officer, The Banff Centre | Canada


"The power of the Global Fellowship program cannot be underestimated. It brings younger members of the global arts community together, allows us to meet and share our stories, dreams, passions, ideas and frustrations. We find, sitting in the same room together, that while our contexts may vary, our challenges are very much the same. It is through this togetherness that action and change can be sought and implemented while also allowing us to strengthen networks across our respective continents.”

– Neil Coppen | 2013 & 2015 Global Fellow | Think Theatre | South Africa

"The conversation about fellowship support oftentimes centers around the notion that we need to provide access to the next generation of leaders.  While that is certainly the case, it can be argued that it’s even more important for the current generation of leaders to be more connected to the ideals and values of this next generation.  Support for this program ensures that not only are we investing in the future, but we are much more connected to the current.”

– Allen Moon | Campaign Donor | David Lieberman Artists' Representatives | United States


Questions? For more information about how to contribute to ISPA's Fellowship Challenge Campaign and support the Fellowship Program please contact Nora Fleury at or 1 212 206 8490 x201.

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