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Montréal 2017 ISPA Congress - Overview
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Montréal 2017 ISPA Congress



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Identity is plural rather than singular. To recognize this is to accept the course of history, and the changes that are occurring in the global environment. The arts community is being transformed at a never-before experienced pace, with new voices being heard, unprecedented demographic movements taking place, and technologies instantly disseminating more information than ever. In the midst of accelerating diversity, identities are shaped and enriched – and interpreted - through multiple encounters, dialogue and openness to differences. The clash of identities actually gives way to an exceptional blending of cultures, and leads to innovative experiences in the performing arts. For an individual, an institution, a community or society as a whole, leveraging all aspects of identities is a formidable catalyst to unlock undiscovered potential.

In May of 2017 in Montréal, for ISPA’s 100th Congress, more than 400 delegates from across the planet will be outward looking, discussing all facets of what fosters identities, and boldly considering where this might take us. We will be inspired by those who dare, propose and provoke. Come and join this exploration.


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