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Revisor (working title) (Pitch Project)
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Last updated: 9/22/2017
Revisor (working title) (Pitch Project)
Pitch Project
Project Contact Information
Revisor (working title) (Pitch Project)
104-336 East 1st Avenue
British Columbia
V5T 4R6  Canada
 [ Map ]
+1 604 683 6552 (Phone)
  Kidd Pivot
  Jim Smith
Project Information
  Crystal Pite (Choreography and Direction), Jonathon Young (Writer), Owen Belton (Sound Design and Composition), Alessandro Juliani (Sound Design and Composition), Meg Roe (Sound Design and Composition), Jay Gower Taylor (Set Design) & Tom Visser (Lighting Designer)
  Dance, Theater
  Revisor is a dance/theatre performance work featuring eight to ten actors in voice-over and eight dancers performing live, based on Inspector General by Nikolai Gogol. Farce is only one of the aspects of the piece: the production will freely adapt the play’s archetypal plot to exploit themes such as corruption, deception and the possibilities of a sudden reversal. Theatre artist Jonathon Young will adapt Inspector General and also write new text to position the play within a contemporary context and Crystal Pite will choreograph and direct. Revisor will be built on two previous projects that Young and Pite have created together: Betroffenheit and The Statement.
  120 minutes (no intermission)
  8 dancers
  February 2019
  Canada's National Arts Centre, Ottawa, Canada
  $45,000 - 60,000 per week + accommodation
  Co-commissioning, Co-producing partners and presentation opportunities
  Montréal 2017 ISPA Congress
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