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Call for Board/Committee Nominations

Board & Committee NOMINATIONS

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Call for Nominations 
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The nomination period for the 2019 membership of ISPA's Board of Directors and seven standing committees is now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations.

Nominations Process

The Nominating Committee is charged with proposing a slate of nominees for approval by the membership at the Annual General Meeting. Each year the Nominating Committee solicits nominations from the ISPA membership for consideration. Nominations can only be made by current ISPA members in good standing. Upon assessing the qualifications, verifying the eligibility and willingness of the nominees to serve, and ensuring the diversity of the membership is reflected, the Nominating Committee assembles the slate.

All nominations are gratefully received and will be acknowledged. Please note that there are a limited number of positions on the board and on committees and that all qualified nominations may not be included on the slate. The Committee does review nominations from prior years in its deliberations so even if your nominee is not successful in the current year, they may be in the future.

Eligible Nominees

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (Board) is responsible for and entrusted with the governance and strategic direction of ISPA and all its affairs and programs. The Board is constituted by twenty-five ISPA members that reflect the diversity of the membership.  Directors are appointed for an initial three year term and are eligible to sit for a maximum of two terms.  

Eligibility and Criteria

At a minimum, ISPA Board Members shall:

  1. Be a member in good standing in ISPA at all times;  
  2. Attend all Congresses and meetings of the board. In the event that an extraordinary event requires the absence, it is expected all materials will be reviewed and questions/comments submitted to the CEO/Board Chair prior to the meeting;
  3. Participate fully on at least one Committee;
  4. Comply with ISPA’s Conflicts of Interest Policy;
  5. Contribute a personal donation annually at a level meaningful to oneself toward the goal of 100% board participation;
  6. Advocate on behalf of the organization in an effort to solicit memberships, sponsorship, contributions and broader awareness.

ISPA Committees

ISPA members are eligible to be nominated to sit on one of seven standing committees: Audit, Development, Finance, Governance, Membership, Nominating and Program. All committees are required to meet at least twice annually and to submit reports to the Board of Directors and at the Annual General Meeting of ISPA held at the Congress in January. The term for all committee members is two years.  Members may serve up to two successive terms.  

Eligibility and Criteria

At a minimum, ISPA committee members shall: 

  1. Be a member of good standing in ISPA at all times;
  2. Attend at least 75% of the scheduled meetings annually and in no instance miss more than two consecutive meetings. If a Committee member is not able to attend a meeting, the expectation is that they will review the meeting materials in advance and advise the Chair of any recommendations or comments for discussion. Committee attendance is tracked by the staff and reported to the Governance and Nominations Committees on an annual basis;
  3. Willing to accept special assignments as needed including, but not limited to, providing periodic regional update;
  4. Attend at a minimum of one Congress annually.

Submit a Nomination
The nomination period for the 2019 Board of Directors and standing committee membership is now closed. Thank you to those who submitted nominations.

Questions? Please contact David Baile at or +1 (212) 206-8490 x206 

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